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Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer betting has several bettors. Just like most bets, guessing is not confined to whoever wins or loses.

There are great things to consider when you bet on soccer in the Singaporean online space. Soccer odds lines, side betting and much more are just some of the terms you would encounter while placing bets on soccer. You could also do bet no draw, under and over 2.5 goals meaning bet and double chance for soccer games. There is so much options that you shouldn’t be confined to win lose or draw bets.

So before we get to know the different soccer bets and how to draw a soccer goal, let us try to uncover soccer meaning and find out how does soccer work in this setting.

Bet on Soccer: Moneyline Bet

There are three possible best for this type of bet on a soccer betting app:

Team A (home) wins
Team B (away) wins

The world wide wagering three-way moneyline results are only based within the 90 minutes allowed for play. Extra time is not included in the soccer bet.

Two-Way Moneyline Bet

Betting on soccer definition is also done via the two-way moneyline, given in two ways: Betting Double Chance and Draw no Bet.

What is a double chance bet? For a Double Chance Bet, the betting odds soccer selections include: these for whats double chance in betting:

Home Team wins or draws
Away Team wins or draws
Home Team wins or Away Team wins

So, to answer the question what is double chance in betting, you have to ensure that either of the best soccer bets in one selection will win. This is also the answer to the question of what is a double result bet.

What is draw no bet? For no draw bet, the draw is eradicated as a whole, and bets are refunded if it ends a draw. Bets include:

Home Team wins
Away Team wins

If none of the soccer bet win, they push, so they are refunded. Like most bets, if the score is level after 90 minutes, all wagers will be refunded.

Soccer Spreads

Here in soccer spread soccer betting, you bet on a soccer team to cover a goal spread. This is the equivalent of point spreads in basketball and puck lines in ice hockey. For evenly matched teams, you would see -0.5 and +0.5 in spread betting in soccer. For mismatches, there are bigger numbers like -1.5 and +1.5.

In these types of bets, it is not enough that a team wins or loses: they need to cover a goal spread. For example in a 1.5 soccer spread betting favouring Chelsea, Chelsea need to defeat Arsenal by at least two goal, because one goal or a draw, means they did not cover the soccer goal line spread, therefore they lose. If you bet on the underdog on this casino soccer betting type, even if the odds are unlikely, you can still win.

With soccer spreads and soccer goals lines, remember that there is a juice linked to the soccer spread betting wager.

Asian Handicap

There are goal line soccer handicaps that number up to the quarters such as +1.75 or +2.25. Even if there is no such thing as fractional goal, you can divide your bet into two, or a kind of a side betting. This type of soccer bet started in Asia and is known as Asian handicap.

Let’s say you are soccer betting on a match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, with a handicap of -0.75. Here you are staking half on Bayern on -0.5 and half on -1

Here are the soccer goal line betting outcomes:

If Bayern loses, you lose both of the stakes in the double chance bet
If Bayern draws, you also lose both on the app for soccer games.
If Bayern wins by one, you win half of the soccer bet, because you push on -1 and win on the -0.5 bet
If Bayern wins by two, you win on both sides of the soccer spread.

Over/Under or Totals

Just like other sports, totals soccer bet are based on all the goals scored combined from both teams. This is also the basis for soccer spreads and soccer odds lines numbers. Because soccer definition low scoring, the vig is concentrated on around just a few numbers.

A soccer odds lines baseline number is established in the bet on soccer game, depending if it will be high scoring or low scoring or draw no bet. Most scoring baselines revolve around over/under 2.5 goals meaning. The value will vary, depending if there is a team favoured to score high, or if both are low scoring and defense-oriented and so on.

Other Props to Use

There are also other sports betting prop types available for professional football on app for soccer games. These leagues include the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and more.

Some other soccer bets app examples include:

Over/under corners
Over/under yellow cards
Anytime scorer (pick the individual payer)
First scorer
Team to win in shutout
Team to win while trailing

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Author: Anthony Campbell