All About Singapore Pools Odds and Fixtures

Singapore Pools Odds and Fixtures

Singapore Pools Odds and Fixtures

One of the things people like betting on is Singapore Pools odds and fixtures. Being the venue for gambling sponsored by the government, Singapore Pools is highly popular among game-crazed nationals. This is true especially when football season is around, beginning in August and ending the next year in May. Singapore Pools sports football is also highly profitable.

Due to the influx of websites catering to the Singaporean market, SG Pool soccer odds can be bet on in a great number of them.

What is Singapore Pools?

Before learning about Singapore Pools Odds and Fixtures, let’s get to know what Singapore Pools is. It is an organization for legal gambling created by the government itself, starting in 1968. They were created to prevent the spread of illegal gambling in the city state.

Besides a section for Singapore Pools SG sports results, there are also bets here for horse racing, and tickets could be bought for off-track betting. They cover three areas, namely:

Sports (including eSports)
Horse Racing

There is this section about football in the Singapore Pools soccer betting odds. It is divided into different countries, and each country lists down the different leagues they have for betting. The countries featured for the Singapore Pools Betting Odds are as follows:

China PR

From there, you can see the different Singapore Pools odds you could bet on. There are three divisions for the Singapore Pools soccer bet type:

Upcoming Football
Popular Events
Upcoming Motor Races

These all provide good options, albeit somewhat limited for Singapore Pools current odds for betting.

Singapore Pool Football Odds

Since we are on the topic of Singaporean Pools football odds and fixtures, we will now discuss the Singapore Pools sports football odds that are available.

The time range from which you can choose your Singapore Pool football bets include the following: 

Default Period
Next 7 Days

Next to the date indicator on the left, is the type of Singapore Pools live bets available. The selections include the following Singapore Pools betting odds:

This is a bet on the person who will score first in the game. The choices are home, away and no first goal. In the event that there is no scorer, the “no first goal” selection wins.

This is a Singapore Pools soccer bet type in which you choose between a win by the home team (1) the away team or visitors (2) and the tie in between (x).

This is an SG Pool odds bet that covers a point spread, and you have to guess what the final result is, if the side wins by such amounts.

This determines if the home team (1), or the away team (2) wins, or if there is a draw.

Just like what the name says, the halftime total goals is a Singapore Pools current odds bet on the total combined goals at the halftime break.

Here in this Singaporean Pools Soccer Odds you guess both the halftime/fulltime score of the match.

This Singapore Pools Odd is like the 1×2 odd, but with the betting handicap of (-) and (+) added before it. The possible selections are;

Home Team with positive/negative handicap X
Draw with positive/negative handicap X (Handicap for the draw is related to the Home Team)
Away Team with positive/negative handicap X

This type is much more complicated and needs particular instances to determine how it will be correct. Let’s look at a certain game as an example:

In a game between Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Real Madrid triumphs 4-3:

1. If the Handicap 1X2 has these selections:

a. Real Madrid (-1)

b. Draw (-1)

c. Barcelona (+1)

The winning bet is Draw (-1)

2. If the Handicap 1X2 has these selections

a. Real Madrid (+1)

b. Draw (+1)

c. Spain (-1)

The winning selection is Real Madrid (+1)

3. If “Handicap 1X2” has the following selections:

a. Real Madrid (-2)

b. Draw (-2)

c. Barcelona (+2)

The winning selection is Barcelona (+2)

4. If the Handicap 1X2 has these selections

a. Real Madrid (+2)

b. Draw (+2)

c. Barcelona (+2)

The winning selection is Real Madrid (+2)

Where “X” becomes a number to be decided by the Company on its own discretion as the handicap line(s) will be applied to the total goals scored by particular teams on the Full Time Score. The “X” value will be adjusted by the company and when they feel like it.

Selections include the following:

Home Team
Away Team
No Valid Goals scored ( “No 1st Goal”)

Last Goal Scorer

Here you pick who will be the last scorer of the game. You are given choices, and you have to state your pick among that.

Here you will pick the final score of the odds. You will be given choices for this Singapore Pools odds and fixtures type. Then you select the one that wins.

This is a pick on who will win the initial goal. Again, there is a selection of the possible people to do this.

This is for the bettor to determine the total number of combined goals scored during the match.

This is to guess if the final total goal tally is odd or even. Naturally, there are only two types of of choices in this Singapore Pools soccer odds.

Will Both Teams Score

This is a guess if both teams will score

Each of these Singapore Pools Odds could also be played via parlay betting. Here, you could combine a group of bets and score big if all bets are done correctly. However, it could also be disastrous if at least one of the bets is incorrect.

Why Bet on Other Casinos Instead of Singapore Pools Odds Betting?

While Singapore Pools is the primary provider of betting services, there are also other casinos that provide it. In face, it may be more advisable to put bets on these than on Singapore Pools betting odds. Here are the reasons why:

More Betting Options

Singapore Pools odds are usually limited only to certain types of odds. For other websites like BetVision, you get more odds to bet on. They also have reasonable

2. More Events Covered

Singaporean Pools also covers a limited range of sporting events. However, competitor sites have a wider range of events you can bet on.

3. More Attractive Interface

The thing that puts off people from betting on Singapore Pool odds is that the interface is plain. At least, with a chance of more casinos, there is a more attractive betting interface, with a bigger choice of sportsbooks.

Singapore Pool Odds and Fixtures Leagues that other Sites Also Cover

Singapore Pools sports fixtures and odds offer a variety of leagues when they are posting odds. Here are just a few of the leagues and events they cover.

English Premier League – This is the most watched league in the world, and the most popular football league in Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. You get to see famous clubs play such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. Famous players here include Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane.
La Liga – This league, based in Spain, also has a large following . The most famous clubs in the league include Real Madrid and Barcelona, whose world-famous rivalry is known as El Clasico. Popular players include Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema.
Ligue 1 – This is the premier destination for French football. Front and centre here are Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. Notable players are Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.
Bundesliga – This is the top division for players in the country of Germany. Top teams here are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, who duke it out in the renowned Der Klassiker.
Serie A – As Italy’s most famous league, it has produced some of the most recognizable soccer giants, such as Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus. Many renowned players have also come from here.
UEFA Champions League – This is where all the best teams in Europe compete to become champion of the continent. Each country’s league top sides play in round robin format first, then advance to the knockout stages until a winner is crowned.

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